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Mother, Author, International speaker

After migrating from Jamaica to the United States, Donna settled in New York. While working as an accomplished hairstylist, she joined Avon and established a family owned business that she shares with her two children, Yordan and Rhiannon.

Motivated by the desire for more time with family and the flexibility to engage more in spiritual activities, Donna has turned her Avon career into a huge success. she enjoys the partnership with her Avon Business partners , spending quality time with her family, and never having to miss out on any of the activities of her fast growing children. Donna has been blessed with an amazing team of business partners and gets great satisfaction in seeing them grow to be empowered, confident, and successful entrepreneurs.

Donna has been featured in Essence, Upscale, Networking Times, and Empowered Women Magazine. She is the Author of the book Accelerated Success, in which she outlines her 7-step Accelerated Business Development Plan.

Donna main profile pic
Donna and her family all grown up.
Donna's and friends enjoy her book release.
Donna and her daughter
Donna and her mother.
Donna and her son at an event.


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